Romantic Suspense




feel the danger

Newly divorced Dolores Coffey is determined to prove her ex-husband wrong; she is not a prude! Ready to work on her bedroom skills, Dolores checks into the Massey Institute for Research in Sexuality and Reproduction, presided over by Dr. Charles Massey. 

Charles keeps a close watch on Dolores and when she fails The Kiss Test, he makes the prim little Ms. Coffey his first priority for treatment. A series of "accidents" makes Dolores think that someone is trying to take Massey out of the picture. Will either of them live long enough for her to pass The Kiss Test?


Three sisters. Three sizzling destinations. Three even hotter men.  

In the wake of their mother’s death, siblings Jane, Margo and Allison Caldwell embark on a globe-trotting search for their long-presumed dead father, Zachary. But in the Afghanistan desert, the steamy Guatemalan jungle, and the tropical Virgin Islands, there is more than just the family estate to settle. Pursued by gunrunners and terrorists and aided by a seductive pirate, a sexy recluse, and a former NAVY Seal, the sisters get more than they bargained for. Danger and desire fills the hunt for Zach Caldwell, and the thrill of the chase can be lethal. 

Lucianne Rivers was born and raised in Ireland where she studied acting and appeared on Irish National Television on several occasions. She currently lives in New Mexico with her U.S.-born daughter. Apart from writing romantic suspense, Lucianne manages a non-profit, has competed at Olympic-style Weightlifting and jiu jitsu, and is a former law enforcement officer.

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